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    Cannot install Flash Player


      I had Flash Player, but for some reason this has disappeared.  I wanted to look at some of the video on the BBC News website, but they would not run, leaving me with a message to download Flash Player.  I clicked on the box and the Flash Player installation page appeared.  I selected download and it proceeded to install, stopping to tell me that it could not proceed until two programmes were closed: Internet Explorer and servicemanager.  The first was easy but I do not, to my knowledge, have a programme running called "servicemanager"  I have searched for this but cannot find it listed - the only result was for Virgin Digital Service Manager but this was not open.  I opened it and closed it, but Adobe Flash would still not install for the same reason.  In Task Manager/Processes I do have a process called Service Manager*32 which appears to be linked to the Virgin but do I really want to end this?   Any suggestions?