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    Can Robohelp 11 generate PDFs using an outside style template similar to what is done with DITA?


      We're just upgrading to Robohelp 11 from RH9 and need some help with the following process.


      I'm currently working on a project where the project manager wants the PDFs auto generated out of RH totally finished. What I mean by this is that when RH generates a PDF, the PDF already has the formatted footer/headers and tables (i.e., the header rows repeat when the table spans page breaks), the correct paragraph styles, and the cover as required by the company standards. Currently, we have to format the docs manually using the following steps:

      • generate a Word doc
      • attach the correct style template to the Word doc
      • Insert the formatted headers/footers in the Word
      • adjust the Word doc page layout
      • Tables - Format the table properties to repeat the header row when the tables span page breaks and fix the table cell border to all have the same color
      • Generate a PDF
      • In Adobe Acrobat, insert the cover PDF into the newly generated doc PDF.


      Am I missing a simple way to generate PDFs with the cover & styles that I need?