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    Persona not validated in signature


      Good afternoon!


      So I'm having an issue with a digital signature for one of our personnel and this is apparently the way to get support.


      We are having issues with people rejecting her digital signature because on the right hand side it says persona not validated.. Is there a way to make that go away, so that the persona is validated? I believe I have checked all my revocations and trusts and everything appears fine but doesn't mean I didn't miss something..

      We are using Adobe Acrobat Standard 11

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          kihomachelpdesk Level 1

          So this is the only way to get a hold of Adobe, and yet.. no response after more than 24 hours.

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            No, this is not the way to reach Adobe. It's a community forum.

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              Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

              Hi kihomachelpdesk,


              TSN is correct, this is not tech support, but in this one case you've have gotten a hold of Adobe anyways. 


              The name that you see in the textual portion of the digital signature appearance (the right half of the signature field) is the value of the CN (common name) entry in the Subject extension of the digital ID used to create the digital signature. You need to procure for Ms. Leonard a digital ID from Symantec with a less frightening set of entries in the Subject name. Note that the OU (organizational unit) also says "Persona Not Validated" along with the CN entry. One of the tenets of using a "trusted third-party" to supply the digital ID is it's their job it to have vetted the identity of the end-user to whom they are issuing the digital ID. That way the document recipient (who must physically trust the Symantec Root CA certificate in order for the signature to be valid) is assured the signer is who they say they are (it's known as non-repudiation). My guess is Ms. Leonard obtained a test (or sample) digital ID form Symantec and since Symantec gives those away they don't bother with the identity vetting procedure like they do with digital IDs that are paid for. Since they aren't doing any identity verification they add the "Persona Not Validated" text so the document recipient isn't fooled into the believing the signer is someone that they are not.


              As an aside, you can also make the graphics portion of the signature appearance (the left half of the signature field) look a bit better if you make the background of the signature appearance file transparent (aka removing all background opacity). That way the background won't obliterate the trefoil logo. And if you really want to get fancy you can replace the trefoil with your own company logo.



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                Hello all,


                So I am in a similar situation, using a $25 Symantec Class 1 Individual Subscriber CA certificate and unable to get the digital signature to show the users name, company name email address etc.  Is this just not something you can change, get validated, or at very least change the way it displays on the document?  From what was said above it sounds like this cert will not be a good match for this application.  The link below I found from Symantec's support which makes it further sound like this is the inherent nature of these style certs and cannot be changed.  I have emailed Symantec's support team on this issue and am awaiting a response. Anyone who can shed more light on this issue would be of an amazing help.