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    xmlParse CF10 vs. CF11

    Steve Sommers Level 4

      I'm having a problem with xmlParse and CF11. I have a site running perfectly under either CF9 or CF10. It uses xml files for various site settings and static content. Under CF11 I'm receiving the following:


      An error occurred while Parsing an XML document. Invalid byte 2 of 2-byte UTF-8 sequence.


      I've sent the document through various xml validators, no issues. Like I said, the exact same document parsed fine under CF9 & CF10 -- in fact it was created by CF9 and/or CF10.
      Any ideas on what might be causing this (other than a CF11 bug) and a possible work around. (it's hard to create a work around when I'm not even sure the issue)


      BTW, I downloaded and installed the latest CF11 yesterday. A check for updates does not show any available.

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          Steve Sommers Level 4

          Hmmm, I found the issue. I found a post on another forum that suggested opening the xml document in Firefox as it's xml parser is very sensitive (as is CF11 apparently). It pointed right to the offending text -- a high byte character (actually a few). It still baffles me that CF9 & 10 created these XML documents and parsed them without issue all this time.