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    Audio Playback on iOS - not making sense to me. - Help Please?

    btaartdirector Level 1

      I've read A LOT of things and tried several approaches. As EDGE ANIMATE and INDESIGN DPS are a whole new experience to me, I'm probably just missing something simple, but I REALLY need help getting audio to play on an iPad (air) or otherwise.


      I know that iOS will NOT allow autoplayback of audio -- that's fine - makes sense to me, but I can't even get it to play with the built in audio commands or by using the Buzz.js approach  (which I know is outdated - but I'm desperate) by attaching the audio to a user interaction, like an invisible button that plays when clicked, or hovered.


      I have included a link to what I have thus far (native AN files) below. If someone would PLEASE let me know what I'm missing -- that would be GREATLY appreciated.