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    Copy multiple topics into folders?

    starrd Level 1

      I am trying some reorganization in a project and wondered if anyone has a simple way to move masses of topics into subfolders in the Project Files list.  The Topic List pod is, I think, the only list that allows bulk operations but it doesn't support moving files around. The Project Files list in Project Manager pod seems to only support dragging one file at a time into a sub folder. Sigh. Do I need to grin and bear it?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          The easiest way is to use both the Topic Lists and Project Manager pods. With you have both displayed, you can click and drag your topics from the Topic Lists pod into the required folder inside the Project Manager pod.

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            starrd Level 1

            I tried that yesterday and got a big not allowed icon!!!! I tried it again today and it seems fine.  The only thing way I can reproduce it today is to try copying files that were already indexed into the Project Manager pod. It's possible that's what I'd done -- after being frustrated with one at a time, and trying to copy from the Topic List Pod, I would have picked all of the files in the set, not realizing that RH would not ignore the ones already done.


            Thanks for the trigger to try the logical method again.