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    ObjectProxy to XML ?

      Hi all,

      I am building a flex app which has to discuss with a .net webservice.
      When it comes to retrieving data from the webservice, it works fine, I send from the asp.net a XMLDocument object and I get a well formated ObjectProxy under Flex.
      What I want to do now is to pass a XMLDocument back to the .net Service to save Changes.
      If I try to pass from Flex the ObjectProxy, I get no error but the resulting XMLDocument in asp.net is weird.
      My question is : is there a way to "serialize" back the ObjectProxy to a XML that I can then pass safely to the asp.net webservice ?
      Thanks in advance, and feel free to point me at any litterature about communication between dotnet and flex :)

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          JKohn99 Level 1
          This is no "built in" way to convert your object proxies back to XML. It easy to write a simple utility class that will do the serialize back to xml. Early on (in flex 1.x days)
          I did some work on this, but I ultimately concluded that a standard utility has to make too many assumptions as to the structure of the xml to get it right consistently. Also you will find that often times the "automatic" conversion that Flex will do is not right because of assumptions it makes when doing the conversion

          In our case we wrote our own class to represent the entities we get back from our xml service . So do our own translation between the object and xml.

          It is actually easier to do your own as the e4x Classes make it really easy to work with the xml coming back.

          Below is a link from a Christopher Conraets tutorial that demonstrates some of this. (This may be a flex 1.5 tutorial, but the concepts apply)