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    stream mp3 without FMS?

      is it possible to stream mp3 without using FMS? how would I do it? All the examples I could find and the examples in the book I bought show streaming done via rtmp and a flash server. My website is located on a shared webserver, so I'm not sure I can install FMS.

      I'm trying to write an embedded mp3 player that can play a song. when a link is clicked the link should pass the song name so the player will play the correct song. for example: when http://mysite.com/player.php?value=songname.mp3 is clicked, the player will play songname.mp3

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          ncgames Level 1
          I'm surprised that no one has answered this. Is this question too simple or something?
          Anyway, I've been trying to load an mp3 at runtime but I'm getting some errors:
          Error: Could not resolve <mx:Sound> to a component implementation.
          <mx:Sound id="bgm" source="01.mp3"/>

          how can i implement loading the sound file?
          here's what i've currently put together... I know there's a lot of mistakes, but that's why it's not compiling right? :-) hope someone can give me a hand with this.
          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml">
          Button {
          color: blue;

          .play {
          color: black;
          upSkin: Embed("playup.png");
          overSkin: Embed("playover.png");
          downSkin: Embed("playdown.png");
          .stop {
          color: red;
          upSkin: Embed("stopup.png");
          overSkin: Embed("stopover.png");
          downSkin: Embed("stopdown.png");
          <mx:Panel id="panel" width="450" height="64">
          <mx:Button styleName="play" label="Play" click="bgm.play()"/>
          <mx:Button styleName="pause" label="Pause" click="bgm.pause()"/>
          <mx:Button styleName="stop" label="Stop" click="bgm.stop()"/>