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    Problem with pages and master pages when creating a new one


      Hello! My name is Eva. I was working with your programme, InDesignCS6 and I had a problem. Maybe you could help me to solve it out. I am creating a cookbook and I created 4 master pages (A, B, C, D). Master page A is a signature (two pages, one in front of the other). When I write a recipe, I apply master page A (the left or the right one). However, if the text is put and I add another page in the middle of two that are completed, the objects allocation does not adapt to the master page which corresponds. For example, if a have “master page A left” and “master page A right”, and I add another one in the middle of these, the master page A left and the new one are ok, the right one changes to the left, but the objects allocation does not adapt to this new situation. If I use again the master page A and apply it, all the information is deleted.

      In photo A the pages are ok.

      In photo B I have added a new one.


      Thank you for your help.