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    AS API documentation question

    Mongolian Beef Level 1
      I'm not sure how to go about reading the AS3 API. I'm currently using mx.rpc.remoting.RemoteObject in my script and when I create a new RemoteObject() and then call the service's method, how am I suppose to know that the return type is mx.rpc::AsyncToken? I'm looking at the API here and I don't see any documentation describing that any method invoked via RemoteObject will return an AsyncToken. Is there some other reference that I can turn to that will describe RemoteObject more clearly (as well as other classes in AS3)? Thanks in advance.

      Below is the code I used to invoke the service method:

      private var ro:RemoteObject = new RemoteObject("testService");
      private var book:Book;
      private function retrieveBook():void {
      book = ro.getBook();