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    add an external .js active file created by me (by scratch)


      Hi! Before subscribing to Adobe CC I was working with Dreamweaver3 and Photoshop5. Now I have the chance to make a living developing throw the net my knowledge of my hobby (not coding as you can imagine).  To ahcive this opportunity, I have to be among other things my webmaster. So long since I don't do any important code, that all the new features I see, all these is "estrange" for me. I'm reading and following tuorials, but I'm not going as fast as I need and I most upload my web asap. My web server doesn't support MUSE, so it is not an option.


      Right now, my question is kind of silly for any of you.


      Using Photoshop CC I created some images. With them and using Flash Professional CC I added motion through “HTML5 canvas” a .swf file. With the “save all” option I discovered I had also a .js file as well .html file.


      I would like to scratch the code for a web page with Dreamweaver CC, using in an external <script> file, if possible either as .swf or even better .js I did.  That will be the main object of the index web, including few images more, which will work as menu buttons.


      In case is not much trouble, if the coding is for a Fluid Grid – so it can work with smartphones too.


      Thank you,

      Graciela Prado


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to ask in the program forums


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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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