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    AE CC preformance


      Hello.  This is my first time asking a questions here on the forums. You usually cover all the questions I would ever want, but thought I would ask since i have a question specific to my machine specs. I have general question about AE performance.  At work, I just got a new machine that is very fast, yet AE struggles previewing a single frame on quarter resolution.


      Here are the system specs:

      • Windows 7 Pro 64bit on a SSD harddrive
      • 32 GB of Ram
      • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 with 4GB of ram on it
      • Separate WD terabyte harddrive for disk cache
      • Intel Core i7 @ 3.4 GHZ


      I have loaded AE CC and it starts within 2 seconds. I load my local aep file, and it takes another few seconds. However, Ram previewing takes forever, around 20 seconds per frame.  The footage is under 100mb, so I am dumbfounded. The only effect I am using is a luma map created by a fractal. I tried resetting the preferences by holding Ctrl+Alt+Shift, but AE loads too fast, I can't get the dialog box to appear. (Any way to reset without using that method?)


      Any suggestions for preferences that would capitalize on the ram and system power of this machine?



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What exact version of CC are you running? Is it


          What format and codec is the footage you're using? Highly compressed video files (which yours sounds like it is) actually requires AE to work a lot harder than if the video were uncompressed (or in a proper, intermediate production codec like DNxHD).


          Why are you not using the SSD for your cache? It is recommended to use your fastest drive for AE's cache.


          What are your memory and multiprocessing settings?

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            sgavano Level 1

            Thank you Szalam for your response.

            I am running the latest version,


            For this particular footage, it was a PSD composition. I have had problems with previewing and rendering with scaled PSDs larger than the composition, but in this case, the PSD and comp are 1920x1080. The PSD is 102MB.


            An SSD for the Cache would be ideal, and we are in the process of getting a few more of these drives, just using an available drive in the meantime.


            For Memory and Multiprocessing, I have 24GB set for AE, and 4GB for the system.  6 out of the 8 cores are dedicated to AE as well. I had "Reduce Cache Size..." checked, and "Only for Render Que" Unchecked hoping that it would aide my ram previews.


            Thanks again for the quick response, I really appreciate it. I just want to make use of the system best I can.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What happens if you turn MP off? What are the actual cores used? What about this luma map(?? do you mean luma matte) created by a fractal. Which Fractal? Fractals can take a very long time to render.


              As for resetting your preferences, mashing down all of the keys on the left side of the keyboard before you double click on the app and holding them down should prevent AE from opening before you get this:

              Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 6.06.08 AM.png

              If you release the keys before the popup appears AE will just launch. If you still cannot get the option to appear then just follow the link at the bottom of the Preferences > General page and delete or rename your file after you close AE.

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                sgavano Level 1

                Thank you Rick. I tried the following in response to your's and Szalam's replies:


                1. I examined if the PSD footage was the culprit, by replacing with a simple JPG. It seemed to help a bit, as the file size is much smaller.  Still I wanted to see if it could be quicker as I need the PSD layers for the project.
                2. As for the Cores being used, I see the processes being used, however when looking at the performance of the computer, only 1% of the total available processing power is even being used, including all other system processes.
                3. I did mean Luma Matte, I must have swapped the terms in my brain as I was typing, sorry for the confusion.
                4. As for fractal, I specifically used a fractal noise on a solid, and tinted it from black to white to achieve a fade that had some randomness in transition. 
                5. I have tried the keyboard mash suggested. If I press before double clicking, I do not get the image you posted, instead I get another windows dialog box asking me about modifying the shortcut. If I press the keys right after I doubeclick, nothing happens and AE loads normally.  I have also tried to delete the text file that holds my preferences, but a new one is made with the same prefs when I start AE again.


                As for comment 2, even if I tell AE to use 6 cores and 24gb of ram, is there some other limiting factor causing it to use hardly anything as seen in the task manager? I would like to take full advantage of this machine, if there is anything else I can do. 


                Thank you again for your comments, much appreciated.

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                  sgavano Level 1

                  Update. So I found the cause of my concern. I had imported the PSD as "retain layer size" and there were a few layers in the PSD that were not cropped to the 1920X1080 document size.  Re-importing as a normal composition seemed to alleviate the ram preview struggle.


                  Thank you both for your help.