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    Reader and Database

    MatLac Level 3

      I created a document level javascript database (sort of!) associating numeric codes to strings.


      if ((mip == "") || (mip == " ")){
          text = "";

      //A Assistances
      else if (mip == "A100") {
          text = "Minis. prov. ou féd.";
      else if (mip == "A101") {
          text = "Assist. (minis. ress. natur. / faune-enviro.)";
      else if (mip == "A102") {
          text = "Assist. (minis. ress. natur. / faune-faune)";



      .....and so on for about 1550 lines of code.


      I realise It would be much simpler to have an external database since many other forms need to refere to that list.  For now, I just copied the script from one form to the other.


      Is it possible to retreive data from an external database to paste into text fields?  What kind of database should it be and what method should I use?


      Also, is the other way around possible, meaning exporting data to a file which could be retreived later on?