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    Adobe CC programs crashing on Start-up for Windows 7-8.1

    The Lazy Filmmaker

      When running CC programs on PC Premiere, After Effects, and Media Encoder all tend to crash on start-up. I've uninstalled all CC programs and re-installed them and I still get the same problem. I have to start them about 6 or 7 times before the program will actually launch. Also if I am in Premiere and send a sequence to Encoder, it almost 100% of the time crashes and then crashes Premiere. It happens only on the PC, I've tried it on 2 different PC machines

      PC 1:

      i3 dual 2.3ghz

      8gb ram

      windows 8 (then upgraded to 8.1, same problems)

      PC 2:

      AMD A10 7700 3.4 Ghz,

      Radeon r7 1gb vram,

      16 gb ram,

      windows 7.

      When ran on a mac with OS 10.9.x I have no issues. 


      Why does this crash so many times on PC?


      The error message is "Something has caused Permiere/After Effects/Media Encoder to stop working. Closing program."