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    Mozilla asks me to install flash player - I already have (20 times!)


      I use flash player to listen to BBC radio online and other things. Here's an example link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b045c0hh

      I used to do this no problem, but recently whenever I try to listen to the programmes I get the message "You need to install flash player to play this content. Download Flash player now."

      I did everything the online advice people say:

      - I have up to date Norton security and my computer is free of viruses and malware

      - I uninstalled flash player and deleted it from all Macromed files in my c drive and then clicked on the install button, downloaded the software, run the software and installed flash player.

      - I closed Mozilla when installing. I even let it download Macafee, but I ask to always be asked to perform updates, I don't select the default automatic update option. Flash player now appears in my control panel as "Adobe flash player plugin".

      - I went into tools/add-ons on mozilla and the plugin is set to "always activate"

      - I even restarted the computer


      I still get the same message.


      I downloaded ActiveX from adobe and since then I can listen to the programmes in internet explorer, but not in mozilla.


      I downloaded shockwave but that hasn't helped with content on Mozilla.


      I've run out of options. Is there a version of ActiveX for Mozilla?


      P. S. I tried to post this question on Mozilla but when I follow the instructions on how to post a discussion I get nowhere. If you can't answer the flash question please tell me how to post a new discussion on mozilla.


      Thanks peeps