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    Exporting in a format equivalent to Apple ProRes4444 on PC?? I NEED HELP ASAP!

    Joe Murayama

      So I was given clips for a feature that I'm doing VFX on and all of the clips were in 4k ProRes4444 (4096 x 2160). They want me to export the finished clips in the same format and send it back to them. The problem is, I'm on a Windows computer so I can only decode Apple ProRes, not encode. I did a few researches on how I can solve this problem and found Avid DNxHD but it only supports up to 1080p uncompressed. Is there any format that Apple computers can decode that's also 4k that's close to the ProRes4444 format? I only have a limited amount of days to do these shots so help appriciated! Thanks.