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    My feature wishes for RoboHelp 12...

    kdeuler Level 1

      Hi all. Below is my initial wish list for new features in RoboHelp 12. Feel free to comment/contribute. At some point I'll forward a list to Adobe and/or add some of them suggestions via the official suggestions page.


      Note that I've been a FrameMaker (unstructured) user for years, so a lot of my questions a features I miss in the FM world.


      1. When making links, have option to make them dynamic, so that the link text is an attribute of the target, such as step number or heading text. (Like ParaText and ParaNum in FM.) When those are updated, so is the link text. This feature would make maintaining a lot of areas much easier.
        For a "ParaNum" example, say you have this (blue text are links):

            a. Do something.
            b. If something is not installed already, do these substeps, otherwise, skip to step c.
                 1) Substep.
                 2) Substep.
                 3) Substep.
            c. Do more stuff.
        Later, if you add a step between a. and b, step "d" becomes "d". The link in "skip to step c" would correctly link to renumbered step d, but the text will still be "skip to step c", not "...d".

        For a "ParaText" example, suppose you have a link to, say, a certain paragraph with a Heading 1 style applied. In another section or topic, you have "see Heading_1_text". Then, the text of Heading 1 styled paragraph changes. Well now, the link to it in the other section/topic still displays the same link text. It should dynamically change according to the target's text.
      2. Add the ability to use parentheses to group conditions in conditional text arguments, or perhaps use the FM model (of shifting condition names to display and not-display columns).
      3. Allow the user to construct conditional build sets, in the same way the user can presently create variable sets. (I believe Flare offers conditional build sets.)
      4. Add the ability to copy and past styles and properties from one bit of content to another.
      5. Make some properties part of styles.  Recent use case: I wanted to indent all tables created so far, which share a common table style, by a certain amount. (In html parlance, change the tables' left-margin value.) Couldn't. Had to manualy intent each table. The separation of property attributes from style attributes might be an HTML/CSS reality. But it seems to me this could be coded around.
      6. After changing the name of a style, content to which the formerly named style was applied looses the application of the style, as though the style were manually removed from each bit of content.
      7. If the user attempts to delete a conditional build tag, and the tag is currently applied to something content in the project, there's no prompt to ask what you want to do the tagged content during the delete. It should do what FM does: Ask if you want to simply remove the style from the content, or delete any content that has the style applied. RH should do the same.
      8. When doing an Edit > Find and Replace in Files action, when the user opens up a hit, the hit is displayed in sort of a view-only html page with the text highlighted. Apparently this feature is designed JUST for search and replace. I'd rather see the hit be opened up in the normal WYSIWYG page or, if its HTML code, an editable html page. I realize that RH has Find and Replace features, but they only work on the currently opened topic.


      Well these are my first 8 wanna-haves. If I'm missing an existing feature or technique that would make any of these not needed. Plz let me (and other RH newbie readers) know.