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    Help? Problem saving to IDML -- content reformats

    jaggedpeak Level 2

      I have a document from a customer who is using some version of InDesign that is older than Creative Cloud.


      I had made an update to the document, they can't open it. The previous version was created in CS6, which worked fine.


      So... I opened the file in CC 9.2.1 -- it contains japanese text using the Kozuka Gothic Pro font.


      Chose Save As and chose IDML (also tried exporting to IDML earlier).


      Opened the IDML file and the content had shifted upward in the document. for example, there was a 3mm gap between a heading graphic and the text that followed it. The text has moved right up flush with the graphic. The rest of the text on the page has also moved upward, overlaying a table.


      I haven't had this issue in the past when exporting to idml from CS6. Is there something I need to be doing?


      Note: I also tried selecting all the text and using Outline Text, then exported to idml. Same issue. All the outlined text has moved up on the page.


      Any insights would be greatly appreciated -- I've asked to have the customer tell me which version they are using, but won't hear back until tomorrow. As this is kind of urgent, I may have to convince Adobe somehow to let me have a trial version of CS6 so that I can make the change there. (I had the trial previously, so can't install again.)