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    In need of help creating a photo to look like...


      Hey guys and gals,


      I'm trying to basically to make an image very similar to this one, only with different people and a different color.  For the life of me, I can't figure out how to create this effect.  If anyone could help me, I would be SO appreciative!


      Thanks to mexample photo.jpguch!!!

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I didn't have any young people to use in an example, so I give you some of 'The Convention Committee' 


          1. The pictures will have started off as individual portraits, so find and select them all in Bridge, and go Tools > Photoshop > Load into Photoshop layers.
          2. You then need to select each person and remove the background.  There's a group of tutorials on how to do that here  under 'Selecting parts of an image'. Learn Photoshop CC | Adobe TV
          3. After making each selection, copy to a new layer so the background has gone.
          4. Then enlarge the Canvas width so you have room to spread the layers out.
          5. Select the move tool, make sure Auto Select is off, and set to Layers (as opposed to Group).  Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag each layer into position.  (You will probably have to adjust the layer order so that they overlap in the right order)
          6. Now select the uppermost layer, and make a copy merged layer. (Shift Alt Ctrl e)
          7. add a B&W adjustment layer.
          8. I actually used Topaz Adjust > Portrait smooth to smooth away some detail, but if you have CC, you can do the same thing with the camera RAW filter using negative Clarity.
          9. add a Curves layer and give it a pronounce S shape to increase contrast.
          10. add a Hue/Saturation layer.  Check Colorize, and adjust to suite.  I gave mine a bit more saturation than in your example.



          BTW In case anyone wants to set up a Facebook fan page for The Committee, they are Don (ex PSNZ President and adviser), Fred (treasurer), Iain (poster maker), Denise (catering), and Joy (excursions and travel).