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    Hindu documents in indesign

    Arlene Eisen

      Anyone have any fixes for Hindu fonts? Small outlined boxes are added over the commas when I do a PDF conversion.


      Can't get a PDF conversion from the original indesign document, so I am outlining the type and then I do get a conversion but with problem stated above.



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          Ellis home Level 4

          What font are you using? Have you tried a different font? I've used Adobe Devanagari and Mangal among others with no problems. Are you using Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer? What version of Indesign are you using, Mac/Windows?

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            I have no experience with Hindu font, so I cannot answer here, but some developer from InDesign might answer here.


            But I saw that you will outline font to get a PDF. This alerted me to warn you: Don't do it! It is dangerous, because it will destroy not only the ditablity, which you will know, it will also

            • remove all frame strokes
            • remove all frame colors
            • remove automatic bullets and numbers
            • remove underlines and strikethrough
            • remove prargraph rules
            • cause problems with cross references
            • impossible to do we text with variables on the master
            • and hundreds more of changes you really don't want to dream, that your document might have these problems.
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              Arlene Eisen Level 1

              Indesign CC Version 9.2.1 using Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer!

              Font is Kruti Dev11 I am on a mac using Mavericks.

              I receive a Word doc with the translation and paste it into indesign. It comes in fine, but when I try to make a PDF, it doesn't do anything. So I outlined the type and then it will make a PDF, but it is adding some boxes over the commas.

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                Ellis home Level 4

                I'm not familiar with Kruti Dev fonts. But doing a quick search it looks like a non Unicode font. That might be the problem. But this is not my area of expertise. Hopefully one of the regulars here who is an expert in foreign languages  (Joel Cherney) will stop by and shade some light on this. My research tells me there are converters of Kruti to Unicode (Data Copy Tool,Word Count Software,Hindi Converter,Email Finder), but again I have no experience with it.