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    How do I blend like I'm using real paint in CS6?


      I've just moved from Paint Tool SAI to Photoshop CS6 and am completely new to photoshop. In SAI the paint on the brush would blend together automatically with other paint on the canvas, distorting the paint on the canvas and changing its shape and colour like they were really mixing and interacting. However in Photoshop when I try to do this the two colours don't acknowledge each other at all even when on the same layer. I've tried to create a similar effect and have found turning down the flow partially gives what I want but doesn't give the mixing effect. I don't want to have to switch to a different tool like the smudge or mixer brush to get this effect as I just want the brush to mix the paints automatically like in SAI. Does any one know how I can have this kind of painting? Thank you!