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    Text moves to next frame when there's still space in current one




      I ran into a confounding situation while helping my coworker troubleshoot a file she was working on today. We found a non-ideal workaround (essentially, rebuilding the file), but I wanted to know whether there was something we overlooked that would have allowed for a quicker, better fix. In brief, the problem was that text would jump to the next frame while there was still space in the current one—either when the frame was resized slightly, or when an image with Jump Object Text Wrap applied was added. (See attached image.)



      The text consists of numbers, bullets, and then dashes, each with their own style. It seemed that the culprits were the Numbers and Dashes styles (and the Body Text style upon which they were based). I supposed that the problem was Keep Options, which was turned on for those styles when it usually isn't; however, disabling Keep Options in the styles didn't fix the problem. Even selecting all the text straight and disabling Keep Options that way didn't work. I also ruled out these things, which all looked normal:


        - Hidden characters

        - Paragraph before/after spacing

        - Align to baseline

        - Skip by leading

        - Text frame options


      I opened another, properly functioning InDesign file that employs the same styles to use as a basis for comparison; when I copy/pasted some of the text from the problem file into the good file, the erratic frame jumps were gone. Similarly, when I copied some text from the reference into the problem file, it exhibited the same problem behavior. So, it had to be something in the styles or a preference within the document.


      After comparing the styles between files, though, the only difference between them that I could see was Keep Options. And (as aforementioned) disabling Keep Options within the styles or with all the text selected didn't fix the problem. (It helped a little with Dashes—text still jumped, but less lines went along than previously.) Saving, closing, and then reopening the file didn't do anything. Later, as I was messing around after the fact just to see if I could find the issue, I completely deleted the relevant styles from the problem file and replaced them with their counterparts from the reference file. Problem vanished. So I eventually did find a fix preferable to a total rebuild, but the question remains: what else could be different between the two documents such that this error would occur? Is there anything else besides what I've already listed? Or is there just something buggy either in the file, styles, or application of those styles to the text? Any insight would be appreciated—I'd like to know for the future, in case we run into similar problems again.