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    deploying flex to production server

      could anyone help here.
      after building a flex app locally
      what files folders need to be uploaded.
      this might seem a stupid question but it just isnt clear in the dosc.
      also if you use coldfusion wiatds to geenrate an app
      how can you just change the layout
      it seems the containers are coldfusion genertated and cant be changed after generation
      which defys the logi co f keeoing the ui seperate
      flex newbie :)
      be gentle
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          noodleweb Level 1
          ok i figured out the first bit
          if you create an app locally
          the folder name has to reside on wwwroot
          exampl myflexapp
          then the files created by default seetings go into the bin folder under that
          eg myflexapp/bin
          to transfer to server
          you must have a folder name myflexapp
          you cant transfer tto the root
          otherwise path referencees dont work

          I still need help with coldfusion wizrad
          can you adjust the ui after geneerating the app???
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            1st answer:
            create your main application called index.mxml... then just syncronize your bin folder to your wwwroot folder.

            2nd answer:
            If the ui is designed in flex it cannot be adjusted without recompiling the application, unless you build into the application, ui options that require cf calls to perform layout. If you are using cf to layout your components built in flex then just modify the cf files to adjust the components layout.