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    Quality loss converting Pro Res to mp4




      I have a problem with the workflow from After Effects to a final .mp4 video.


      I have been editing time lapses in After Effects, and exporting them as Pro Res HQ- all good so far. However, I can´t seems to be able to convert the Pro Res file to a .mp4 (or quick time .mov for that matter) without significant quality loss. This happens if I convert using adobe media encoder, or if I import the Pro Res files to Premiere and export through Premiere.


      However, if I import the original JPG/TIFs to Premiere, and export using the exact same setting- I get a better result. Also, when I have uploaded the original Pro Res HQ file to vimeo, they do a much better job of converting it than Media Encoder or Premiere do when I convert to .mp4 (I´m aware that it is not the same conversion, but still..).


      So my conclusion must be that AME and PP does not convert from Pro Res to other codecs very well? I have to work on my files in AE, and I need .mp4 as the final product (requirement for uploading to a stock site). How do I do this without getting lower quality video than if my workflow and export was only in Premiere? After Effects does not render out .mp4 very well it seems...


      A screenshot showing the setting I use when exporting from PP or AME. The settings produce a good result when exporting other files from PP, but not the Pro Res files I have exporter from AE.


      Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.46.47.png


      Thanks for your input!