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    Problems updating movie from Dir8 to MX2004

      I should be grateful for help in updating a large movie containing MIAWs from Dir 8 (Windows) to Dir MX2004 (10.1, Windows):

      (1) In Dir 8 the following verbose Lingo produces a MIAW with no title bar (which is what I want):
      set the filename of window "Control" = "Control.dir"
      set the windowtype of window "Control" = 2
      However in MX "windowtype" is obsolete but I am unable to get results from what I hoped would be the equivalent line:
      Is there some step that I am missing?

      (2) My Director movie contains many Quicktime movies, which have controller bars. In Dir 8 they work well, but in MX2004 when I click on the start/stop icon at the left of the controller bar the whole screen is given over to the Quicktime and the MIAW (which carries all my navigation buttons) disappears. How can I get around this?

      Help will be much appreciated!