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    Uninstall Problems - Leaving behind (nearly all) files. [Windows 7 64-Bit]

    George Day Level 1

      Hello All,


      I've been having some real problems with my Adobe CC programs not updating - despite updating the CC program itself I was getting countless U44M1P7 errors. In the end I decided the best practice was going to be to just completely remove everything and start again - so I started on that!


      Following what I believe is the right procedure, the first step I took (after backing up anything I needed obviously) was to go to 'Programs and Features' in Control Panel (I'm on Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit) and go through each Adobe application and uninstall it. So I went through, 1 by 1, uninstalling, making sure to select 'Remove Preferences' wherever I could. The installers would do their thing and the applications disappeared from my program list. All I'm left with now is 'Adobe Flash Player 19 Active X' and 'Adobe Flash Player 13 Plugin' (as I don't believe these are part of Creative Cloud).


      Anyway, after uninstalling them all, I restarted my system, ready to run the Adobe CC cleaner. Upon restart I release that the uninstallers have done what appears to be nearly nothing - nearly all the applications files are still on my hard drive, have shortcuts in Start Menu and taking up a whole lot of hard drive space - infact I can still run all the applications I've tried! The only major players that actually seems to be gone are Acrobat Pro and the Creative Cloud application itself.


      I ran the CC cleaner anyway - which reports that it's done it's job nicely, but of course everything is still there - the only thing that's actually gone are the entries for the apps in the 'Programs and Features' list in Control Panel - so it's not like I can try running the uninstallers again.


      Anyone got any advice on what to do next? I've had a browse of other topics and haven't managed to find anything, apologies if I've missed a topic covering this, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated. I'd really like to avoid doing a reformat on this system as well - it's got a lot of other software running and a reformat is just going to be a nightmare for me at the moment.


      Thanks in advance!

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          George Day Level 1

          Replying to my own thread. Finally managed to get somewhere with Adobe LiveChat and they recommended what I suspected, delete everything manually.


          In case anyone else has this problem;


          1. In Explorer hit 'Organize > Folder and Search Options', then in the 'View' tab uncheck 'Use Sharing Wizard' from the bottom (not sure what this is about) and then Check 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' if it isn't already.


          2. Delete the following folders;

               a. Program Files > Adobe

               b. Program Files (x86) > Adobe

               c. ProgramData > Adobe

               d. Users > [Username] > AppData > Local > Adobe

               e. Users > [Username] > AppData > LocalLow > Adobe

               f. Users > [Username] > AppData > Roaming > Adobe


          3. Run the Adobe Cleaner again. Clear all Creative Cloud & CS6 entries.


          4. Restart system and reinstall Creative Cloud and Applications.


          I've started the reinstall process and everything seems okay so far! Fingers crossed things will be okay from here on.