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    problem with java and flex web service


      I have a basic web service written in java using jax ws 2.1 ri. I need to call it from Flex using the WebService class

      Annotations for the java web method :

      public void Login(
      @WebParam(name="server") String serverURL,
      @WebParam(name=AUTHENTICATE_HEADER,header=true,mode=WebParam.Mode.INOUTHolder<Authenticate Header> authHeader)

      When I try and call the service from Flex , it can't find the login method and attempts to call it fail. If I set the web service to RPC based using @SOAPBinding , the method is found but then there are issues with the authentication header.

      What do I need to do to get flex web services communicating succesfully with java ?

      Are there are any known compatibility issues ? Or guidelines for going about this ?

      Any help would be appreciated