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    Flex app crashes Flash Player 9 in IE7

      I am building an application for status monitoring of some electronic units. I have a view where I show an icon or colored box (canvas) representing the status of each unit. There are approximately 4000 units in the view. I have a buttongroup where I can select different parameters to show the status for. When I press one of the buttons the application runs through all 4000 units and updates the icons according to the status of the chosen parameter. (Example: I click the "High voltage" button, and the icons for all units with "High voltage" will turn red.)

      My problem is that after a few clicks on different buttons, the application freezes in the middle of updating the icons. This happens in IE7 (7.05730.11) with Flash Player and It does not happen in Firefox where I am running the debug version of Flash Player Running the application in the debugger in Flex Builder (again on Firefox) does not produce any errors.

      - Have anyone seen similar problems?
      - Is there a memory limitation when running Flash Player in IE7, and if so, can the memory available to Flash Player be increased by changing any setting?