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    After Effects: Windows 7: QT32 Server.exe Crashing When Rendering H264




      I am encountering After Effects on Windows 7 SP1 outputting an "Output Module Failed" when rendering any comp to the desktop as a QT H264(even a new project w/ a comp w/ just a single solid & no effects) in both After Effects 12.1/2 and Media Encoder(of a AE comp). I have already done the following:

      • Removed Preferences
      • Cleared Cache
      • Turned Off Firewall
      • Reinstalled QT 7
      • Restarted Machine


      Other discussions/posts regarding QT32 Server and AE seem to be focused on OS X. I've checked QT's component folders to find no components. Not sure if I should be looking elsewhere. There are no third party codecs installed. I have encountered this at two different studios I do IT for. Beyond uninstalling CC and running the Cleaner, is there anything I can do?




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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Do you have a computer with a lot of processor cores? The Apple H.264 encoder used for QuickTime has a severe bug when used on a system with 24 or more processor cores (so, a 12-core computer with hyperthreading enabled).


          Why are you creating a QuickTime movie with H.264? QuickTime is generally a good container, and H.264 is a good codec, but H.264 in QuickTime is a mess. What, exactly, are you going to do with this file? How are you determining your delivery specifications?