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    Using JS to Screenshot and then Submit with Button?


      I understand from other people's posts that I can not use JS to only e-mail one page of a PDF if the end user will be using Reader. I am trying to think of a way around that because I only want to e-mail the first page of my document to the customer.


      I was thinking of using "screenshotPage" as a function and then e-mailing that screen shot to the customer. My stumbling block is that I think the screenshot would be outside of the PDF viewer so how would the JS know to choose that screenshot to email?


      I want to say:

           on event button click -- take screenshot -- email screenshot using fields in the fillable form that was just completed


      I've got a handle on the code for the on event and taking the screen shot and using information from the fields all properly in place. How would I choose the screenshot as the item to email (if this is even possible)