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    Text alignment on postcard - Headline needs to match on both sides of the card


      Hi All -


      I have a postcard its 10.5x5  and will be trimmed down to 7.5.  There is a die cut panel that flips from the front side of the card and glues on the back of the card.  On side two of the card there is part of the headline. The last  word in the headline is on the front side of the postcard. I inverted the text so it would print correctly when its folded over.  How I can I be sure that the text is aligned to match the back side of the postcard headline  and the single word that finishes the headline ( that’s located on the front side of the postcard)? Sorry if this is confusing.  I have searched  online and haven't found anything to help. 


      Here are some pictures since its hard to explain.


      This is the front of the postcard                                                    This is the backside                                                                 The is the text that I need to be sure is aligned            

      Front of the card.jpegBack of the card.jpegFolded over- back of the card.jpeg


      Thanks in advance for your help! I need to send this to the printer on Monday.....