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    Webservice WSDL not loaded if using FireFox

      Hi @ll,

      currently I'm working on accessing a SAP web service (ABAP stack). The
      SAP system resides on a different host, so reading the cross-domain
      policy file is an issue, which requires HTTP basic authentication.

      While using Internet Explorer, everything works like a charm and as
      expected. Using the FireFox version, the Flex application
      "hangs" after reading the cross-domain policy file. I introduced a 30s
      timeout, to see any response at all.

      Switching to Flash 9,0,0,45 made no difference.

      I debugged the HTTP traffic using a HTTP proxy server: besides GETting
      the cross-domain policy, no further traffic was observed. In unison
      with the proxy result, no HTTP traffic is displayed in "Live Headers"
      of FireFox.

      As an additional remark: the policy file is fetched twice - the first
      time without a port specification, the second time with port 80. This
      is to avoid a security sandbox violation as the SAP system sends a
      WSDL endpoint which includes the port.

      As found here in the flexcoders messages archive, I increased the FireFox
      configuration parameter


      from default "2" to "8", that made no difference.

      Here is the console output:

      SWF /flash/TestCim1-debug.swf - 922.373 bytes after decompression
      Registering schema namespace: http://www.w3.org/1999/XMLSchema
      Registering schema namespace: http://www.w3.org/2000/10/XMLSchema
      Registering schema namespace: http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema
      Registering schema namespace: http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/
      Registering schema namespace: http://xml.apache.org/xml-soap
      Registering schema namespace: http://rpc.xml.coldfusion
      'CC3508C5-6BE9-2BC9-7957-50FE683C98FC' producer set destination to
      'AC9998C4-4C9E-65C1-86E3-50FE685BD16C' producer set destination to
      'direct_http_channel' channel endpoint set to
      Creating WSDL object for
      '5C98395E-D381-9D76-4B19-50FE686A6527' producer set destination to
      Loading document
      http://cimdev.zetvisions.com:80/sap/bc/srt/rfc/sap/YHELLO?wsdl for
      destination 'DefaultHTTP'
      'CC3508C5-6BE9-2BC9-7957-50FE683C98FC' producer sending message
      'direct_http_channel' channel sending message:
      body = (Object)#1
      clientId = (null)
      contentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
      destination = "DefaultHTTP"
      headers = (Object)#2
      DSRequestTimeout = 30
      httpHeaders = (Object)#3
      messageId = "195AE3A0-12D9-24B6-18BE-50FE686A12EE"
      method = "GET"
      recordHeaders = false
      timestamp = 0
      timeToLive = 0
      url = " http://cimdev.zetvisions.com:80/sap/bc/srt/rfc/sap/YHELLO?wsdl"
      'CC3508C5-6BE9-2BC9-7957-50FE683C98FC' producer connected.
      'CC3508C5-6BE9-2BC9-7957-50FE683C98FC' producer acknowledge of
      'CC3508C5-6BE9-2BC9-7957-50FE683C98FC' producer fault for
      doFault: Request timed out
      Request timed out

      So, I'm lost. Flex Data Services is currently not an option -
      everything works fine if using IE.

      Any ideas about what may cause this problem? How to further diagnose?

      Thanks in advance,

      PS: Copy of http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/flexcoders/message/73655