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    Coldfusion Builder 3 Global Search


      I downloaded and installed Coldfusion Builder 2 and liked it.  I decided to purchase it and found that Coldfusion Builder 3 had been released.  I purchased Coldfusion Builder 3 after my trial had expired.  I then uninstalled 2 and installed 3.  I attempted to register my product but nothing shows that it was successful or unsuccessful and my license key does not show up under Previous Serial number in Help->License Adobe Coldfusion Builder.


      I am unable to do a global search of my project and the syntax highlighting no longer works in the cfquery tags as well as the built in server does not start.  It is almost like the application thinks I am still using an unlicensed version.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times as well as rebuilt my workspaces from scratch and yet none of this has fixed the issues.  I am on a Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit machine. 


      Let me know if you need any further information.