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    Using event booking tags in a web app

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I can use the following event booking tags within the event bookings module:


      <div class="sec-facts">

      <span>{tag_bookingmonth} {tag_bookingday}, {tag_bookingyear} <em class="icon-calendar"></em></span><span>{tag_capacityempty}/{tag_capacity} <em class="icon-ticket"></em></span>



      The above code works perfectly fine if using the bookings module but when I try to use the code in a web app, I'm not getting any results because, I assume, it's because the tags are specific to the bookings module. As I want to recreate this effect in a web app, does anyone know how I can get the tags to work with my web app?


      Thanks in advance