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    Add new skins problem


      I've taken over a help project and am having problems with the skins: I have a collection of .swf and .fla files that make up a custom skin that was created before I had begun working the help project. However, I can't select them from within Robohelp, and so every time I generate a new layout (I use the Flash layout), the project is switched over to the default skin, and I have to drag the .swf files into the output folder and overwrite the files that are there. Then, everything works fine.

      I would like to be able to select these as the skin within Robohelp (version 6 by the way) and do things the right way, and avoid having to go through this procedure every time I generate a new layout. I have read about creating skin files at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/robohelp/articles/flashhelp_skins_pt3_print.html and read all about importing skins into Robohelp, but not exactly how to take a collection of Flash files and turn them into a skin that can be imported into Robohelp.

      My understanding is that I need to take all those Flash files and turn them into a single "skin" file, which I can't find much information on. If anyone could help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.