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    Audition "Clip List?"

    Stuart Norfleet Level 1

      Good morning!


      Does Audition CC have a function that is similar to Twisted Wave's "clip list" that allows you to very easily paste file content into the current timeline?


      MANY thanks!


      Stu Norfleet


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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          Is this in the Waveform Edit view or in Multitrack? In the Waveform view you can use Open Append to add a selection of audio files onto the end of the currently open one. Similarly selecting a whole bunch of audio files to insert into the  Multitrack view will then ask you if you want them all on the same track sequentially or on separate tracks. In both cases the standard Windows multi file select options of Shift or Control clicking allows you select multiple files to insert.

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            Stuart Norfleet Level 1

            Thank you.  I am looking for this function in Waveform Edit view, and specifically, I am searching for a function that will allow me to quickly paste room tone, or set lengths of silence within a script.  Does that make sense?

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              ryclark Adobe Community Professional

              Another way which might be easier is to use the Mix Paste feature from the Edit menu. This is a very versatile method of inserting or mixing into your main audio file. You have the choice of using any of Audition's five Clipboards or direct from a file. You can also control the levels of the original audio and the inserted audio within the Mix Paste pane. Also you can crossfade the In and Out points as well as looping the inserted content as many times as you wish to fill a space.

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                Stuart Norfleet Level 1

                That sounds like EXACTLY what I am looking for!


                Many thanks for your help and direction!


                Have a splendid weekend!!