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    Adobe support says my serial number is invalid.


      Bought CS3 Extended a few years ago from a reseller on ebay packaged up and sealed in box with printed info. Has serial number sticker on back of the CD case. Adobe support person says it's not a legit serial number as it starts with "1330",  24 digits, total. Had this installed on my previous computer with Vista. Worked find. November 13' had a new PC built with Windows 7 64 bit. Reinstalled CS3 Extended. Worked fine up until about a month ago. Then PC would not open or aknowledge it was on my system. Tried to uninstall, wouldn't let me so had to find software to remove it and all of the components.Did this. Then try to reinstall again but won't let me reinstall.This is what happens. When I put the disc into the CD driver dialogue box says do I want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer? Dialogue box pops up, Program name-Adobe autoplay 5.1.  I click yes. Dialogue box pops up with options. Install Adobe Photoshop CS3

                                                                 Read me


                                                                 What's new

                                                                 See it in action (video clips)

                                                                 Install Adobe Reader 8

                                                                 Adobe DNG converter


                                                                 Browse DVD contents

      I click on Install Adobe Photoshop CS3

      Another dialogue box pops up.  Manage Adobe Photoshop CS3 components

      Options are -1/  Install or Reinstall

                         2/  Remove Adobe Photoshop CS3 components


      I choose Install or Reinstall

      I click on next then a dialogue box pops up saying "Summary of changes" the following components will be reinstalled. 1/  Adobe Photoshop CS3  2/ shared components. I click on Install and overall progress starts then shows dialogue box  "Summary Errors 2 components"  Adobe Photoshop CS3 , component install failed. Shared components, component install failed.  What do I need to do to install this again? Please help.