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    Best Windows System for CS6



      I am a fine art photographer using 36mg RAW files with final output being 40x50" prints. I probably will be doing color correction and processing in spurts every month or so; web browsing and a few other minor applications. I'll have a SSD drive, plus a pair of 2T hard drives, and a good video card.

      So, my main question revolves around the processor and video card.

      In looking at the CPU Benchmarks web site, I see the Xeon E5-26xx series, and the Core i7-4930K and i7-3970x among the top.  However, the price range is significant between them ranging from $1,000 to $1,500 for the E5 instead of the i7.

      My question is, for my needs, is it worth it?

      Would processing an image with multiple layers be significantly faster, such as rendering Unsharpen Mask for example, worth the extra expense?  30% more, according to the CPU Mark 13,000 compared to 17,000?

      Best video card as well?

      Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

      Best regards, Steve

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In traditional use, Photoshop is normally not CPU-limited, but rather memory and disk I/O limited. I'd think computing horsepower is mostly needed for ACR. With ACR and Lightroom the CPU is by far the critical factor.


          This is the most I've ever managed to push my i7-3820 in Lightroom, with a couple of large simultaneous exports (Nikon D800):



          Most demanding of all is video, where you really need a well-balanced high performance system.