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    Scrollpane print problem

    RandalJ99 Level 1

      I'm sure there's a pretty simple solution for this. I've got a scrollpane and some graphical content in the scroll pane. I want to print the graphical content in the scrollpane. This content resides on a single movieclip. The problem is that when I print either just the scrollpane or just the content movieclip I only get what is currently visible on the screen in the scollpane as output. The rest of the movie clip being masked by the scrollpane itself doesn't print. Below is code very similar to what I'm doing. Any help would be appreciated!


      var myPrint = new PrintJob();
      myResult = myPrint.start();
      if (myResult) {
      myResult = myPrint.addPage("myMovie", {xMin: 0,xMax:800,yMin:0,yMax:800}), {printAsBitmap:true},1);
      myResult = myPrint.addPage("myMovie", {xMin: 800,xMax:1600,yMin:0,yMax:800}), {printAsBitmap:true},2);
      myResult = myPrint.adPage(1,null,{printAsBitmap:true},3);