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    Error tips positioned off screen

    mcgraphix Level 1
      Setting the errorString property of a component that is located along the right hand side of the stage will cause the error message tooltip to be positioned partially off the screen. This only happens when the width of the error tip is larger than the width of the component. To see this happen, create a 100 pixel wide TextInput and right align it in your application. Attach a NumberValidator to it (for example...the same behavior happens with all validators or just setting errorString equal to a big string). Enter a non-numeric value in it and tab out of the field. You will see the red error tip get clipped off the screen.

      This seems like a bug to me. The normal toolTip would not go off the screen which is what the error tips appear to be based on. However, I think the problem is happening as a result of trying to line up the pointer of the error tip to point to the field.

      Any suggestions on how to avoid the problem (besides avoiding placing the fields along the right) would be appreciated.