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    Why can't I copy/paste tables correctly? (CS6)


      Sorry for having to ask such a basic question. I am new to ID.


      I am following this tutorial:




      At 25:10, he creates a 2x16 table into which he pastes a table from iWork Pages. He does this by:


      - Selecting the entire table in Pages

      - Selecting every cell in the blank ID table

      - Copying the Pages table and hitting paste in ID

      The Pages table is mapped, cell for cell, to the ID table.


      However, when I try this method, only the lefthand side of the ID table is populated. Every Pages cell ends up in the left hand column (the number of rows increases to accommodate them) and the right hand side is left empty.


      What am I doing wrong? Is this the standard way of copying/pasting tables? Is there a better method?