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    Tracking Animation




      I am a beginner in After Effects and would like to create this tracking animation:


      What would be the best workflow to achieve this? Links to relevant tutorials would also be very helpful.

      This GIF is a great example of the look and feel for the final product.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is position animation on artwork that is revealed by an animated matte. It's basically the same technique you would use to write on a signature.


          Step 1 Prepare your artwork

          Step 2 Set up an animated mask to reveal the artwork. It is common to use mask paths and stroke with the effect set to reveal original to do this

          Step 3 drop your animated artwork in another composition and animate the movement of the original comp.


          From your example I can see a lot of layers and a lot of hand work setting up the paths. This kind of work must be done by hand. There is no single click effect solution.


          Start here for tutorials. There are a bunch: animating lines in after effects


          This one by my friend Angie Taylor gives you a good place to start https://www.video2brain.com/en/lessons/using-the-stroke-effect


          You will kind of have to sort through all of the tutorials to find one that matches your needs but most of them that use stroke to reveal a line should give you a pretty good idea of the techniques that will work.

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            dkchang Level 1

            Hi Rick,