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    Interactive pdf buttons disappears in Reader





      I've created an interactive pdf. I have Prev Page/Next Page buttons, which are pretty standard. I also included buttons for each page (13 pages in all). These are programmed with Go To Destination, I;ve placed a bookmark in the upper left corner of each page. These seem to work. However, when I export and view in Reader, some pages do not show the nav buttons. They seem to disappear intermittently. After viewing 2-3 pages of the pdf, all nav buttons (at the top) seems to disappear. I know the buttons are there, because if I view it in Apple->Preview, I see them.


      I am using Indesign CS6 (version 8.0) and Reader 11.0.07.


      The file is located at http://www.davebarrondesign.com/one/00200_ONE_interactive_02b.pdf