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    unable to import file as project error

    fredisnotepic Level 1



      Currently, I am in a sticky situation. I have found no fixes what-so-ever.


      I'm running CS6, working perfectly fine on my PC. I am editing as per usual, turn off my PC, come back the next day and I get the error I've received 4 times previously: http://gyazo.com/ab48ea16ef6bcf757b980c1160acd8dd

      I have tried pretty much all possible ways of getting it back, which have failed. I really want/need this back, so please help.

      I'd like help to get this project back, as well as stopping it from happening ever again.


      Thank you. 

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you should get used to the fact that it's simply gone... Just looking at your screenshot makes me grind my teeth. From delayed writing of files to fragmentation in user folders to Windows doing obscure things this could be anything, but seriously, saving important files on the desktop? That is simply sloppy data management. There is no other way to say it. Read up on what proper file naming, incremental saving and backups are good for and why keeping work files separate and away from your user home directories is actually a quite simple, yet effective concept to avoid exactly that kind of issue.



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            fredisnotepic Level 1

            I moved to the desktop from another folder because I read someone that it would help, however it didn't so I took a screenshot and turned to here.

            I understand, but it was in a completely separate folder, with all the other files required for the project.