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    Can't log in to Behance / Old CC ID still in use?


      Since Adobe linked CC and Behance, it appears i can't log in to Behance.

      This is because i need to log in with my CC ID.


      I joined Behance long before subscribing to CC, and when i did subscribe to CC, it was under a particular ID/email.
      During the last year, the ID/email was changed. In CC, all I had to do was log out, and log back in under the new ID, and nothing changed - everything kept working.

      My behance kept working too, because i still logged in with my usual Behance details.


      Now when i try to log into Behance, it asks me to log in with my CC ID, which i do (the new one, the old one no longer exists).
      It then asks me to Link My Accounts (Behance and CC), so i enter my Behance details as requested.


      It then gives the error message: This account is already linked with an Adobe ID

      Is it possible Behance still thinks I am using the original CC ID?


      I can't see any work around at all to this....


      Any advice much appreciated!