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    Audio from inserted video keeps playing on next slide

    DocDVM Level 1
      I'm experimenting with Adobe Presenter 6. I have inserted a video clip into a slide. There is a stop action on frame1 with a button that advances to frame2. The video has audio, which unfortunately keeps playing if I advance to the next slide. If I go once slide further ahead, the audio from the video stops. Has anyone else encountered this problem? It's driving me crazy! Thanks!
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          Hi Doc!

          I actually ran into the same situation...not with a video clip, but with a basic flash animation that had audio in it. I'm not suggesting that the following will definitely work for you, but it might be worth taking a look at:

          Any audio that's set to "Event" while editing in Flash will continue to "stream" , even while navigating between slides. In most cases that I've seen (from my experience), audio will stop if the offending slide is placed immediately before a question slide. I realize that might not be practical in every case, so....

          1. Make sure that audio sync settings in flash are set to "Stream". What this does is effectively kill off any audio once you navigate away from the slide that has the embedded flash on it.
          2. you can always add a stopAllSounds(); method in flash, but that's not highly recommended UNLESS your content slide (with the offending flash object ) comes immediately before, or within a range of question slides. Again, this too might not be entirely practical based on what you're trying to do.

          I realize that might not help, but as I said, it might be worth taking a look at how you're incorporating your video.