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    Unloading SWFs

      I want to make a simple show reel using a number of swf's of simple animations.

      I have used this code to load up the first movie

      When the swf has finished playing I want to unload the movie and either move on to the next frame which will contain the script for another swf or just play the next swf in the sequence all in the same frame.

      Am I trying to get flash to do a job its not cut out to do as I cant think of a simple solution

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          KinseyFobes Level 1
          The code looks like you should be using the loadMovieNum() method, not the loadMovie() method, the latter requires a movieClip reference to load the movie into, while the former just requires a level number.

          Using a loadMovieNum() again, with the same level specified should replace the existing movie with a new movie.

          Alternatively you can use the unloadMovie() or unloadMovieNum() functions to clear out the movie.
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            daveGlasgow Level 1
            Thanks for that - what I was looking for was some code to to drigger the unLoadMovie/unLoadMovieNum when the curent swf has finished playing