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    InDesign cs5 keeps crashing whenever I try to alter the footnote formatting via Type > Document Footnote Option or Paragraph Styles using Span Columns

    MOD indy-go girl Level 1

      InDesign cs5 crashes whenever I try to alter the footnote formatting by going to Type > Document Footnote Option > and then I try to select a Paragraph style I've already set up. The Paragraph style I need to use includes Span Columns, which I think may be the issue. I think this because when I then I tried to create a new document and re-import the styles, it won't even let me add Span Columns feature to the Paragraph Style in question.


      I can send screen shots of everything (e.g. dialog boxes) if that would be helpful in understanding the issue I'm having.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!