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    Deleted background still show

    Gina Yung

      When I place the psd file (background deleted) in the Illustrator, why is there still a patch of of pale color showing on my print out?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          My guess is its because that is what is in your document.

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            Gina Yung Level 1

            See, I'm trying to make a certificate with signatures pre-printed on it. I was trying to make a transparent background to the signature so that I can place it on different house color.  When I print it out the certificate, the "transparent" background of the signature isn't transparent, it looks like it have 10% opacity on top of the background. I have even tried to fill the "transparent" area with the same background color as the certificate, but the patch of tint still shows on the print out.  Does anyone knows why?