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    Stop sound from playing continously on keyisdown


      Hi people, got a problem any insights, tutorials online or clues gratefully received.

      I'm using a KeyIsDown action to trigger a sound. This works fine, however if the key is pressed down continuously it starts the sound playing again and again. What I need is somekind of control that detects the keydown, triggers the sound but then doesn't keep re-starting the the sound whilst the key is depressed. Is there an action in the sound commands that detects to see if a sound is playing which I can use - like the old "soundIsBusy" command in lingo?

      many thanks

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          Try doing sound.onSoundComplete = function() - make a boolean for sound playing, set it to true when the sound starts, only play the sound if the boolean is false, set it to false when the sound is done playing.

          You can try that. The real only way to detect if a sound is playing is to set up a boolean value for it; but be careful if you use stopAllSounds- make sure to reset the boolean after.